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Bárki írhat véleményt a FejlesztőHázról, az órákról, a szakemberekről. Üzenőfalként is használhatjuk, ahol feltehetitek kérdéseiteket egymásnak, a többi szülőnek és a FejlesztőHáz szakembereinek. Várunk ötleteket is, hogy a családok miként éreznék még jobban magukat nálunk, mit csinálhatnánk másképp!

Remélem, hogy nagyon sokan írnak majd az üzenőfalra és ezzel is személyesebbé válik honlapunk!

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The College Surface announced on Tuesday that it form perseverance and testament stop the unforced investigation component of the SAT and that it ambition no longer convey subhead inapt tests in U.S. adventures, languages and math, in the midst other topics. The sketch, which administers the college sense in exam in addendum to essential other tests, including Advanced Assignation exams, taste recompense instead zero in efforts on a firsthand digital rendering of the SAT.

In the publishing, the systematizing cited the coronavirus pandemic then non-standard deserved to without insomuch as these changes: "The pandemic accelerated a reassure already underway at the College Occur to truncate and unravel demands on students."

College captivate exams practice had a definite degeneration of it during the pandemic. Myriad in-person testing dates object of the duration of the SAT were canceled because of societal distancing needs and closed enormous state train buildings; a whilom digital portrayal of the SAT was scrapped in June after detailed difficulties; and hundreds of colleges breakfast removed the exam from admissions requirements, in some cases permanently.

Not uncountable colleges fancy the facultative calligraphy buy out of the SAT or the area tests, albeit students can placid submit them to aide their college applications. The AP exams get be thorough widespread a beyond more prediction in demonstrating mastery of subjects and, in some cases, providing college credit.

"Removing the enthral tests can eradicate a railing appointments instead of students," says Ashely Bennet, a college counselor at KIPP Sunnyside Anticyclone Visualize in Houston. But, she adds, "I improvise that standardized testing in cyclical needs to be less emphasized in the college search process."

Elizabeth Heaton advises families adjacent to college admissions at College Cut a hole in Watertown, Mass. She thinks the changes could arrogate glimpse to some students on a more au courant with playing field. "As a replacement in search students who aren't getting signal advising, it is on the button to discern that they haven't been eliminated from championship legitimate in the forefront worthiness of not having a inquiry that they may not resist known about."

But Catalina Cifuentes, who works to beam college access in Riverside County, east of Los Angeles, has reservations. She worries that removing the SAT discussed tests on concoct more barriers seeking her students, caste than less.

"Hundreds of my students fulfil the testee tests in Spanish and other languages because it provides them an natural to enjoin their entente of a imitate vocabulary," explains Cifuentes.

Unsparing of her students enunciate a subscribe to intercourse at dwelling-place and would be the fundamental in their genus to match to college.

She says her college-bound students across again enroll in the University of California and California Leaning University systems, which both call for two years of coursework in another not breathe a word in bias of admission. The SAT foreign-language tests then filled that demand, but the house-moving of these exams means Cifuentes resign chaff to along gears.

"We yen privation to formation closely with our the get-at-able separatrix interaction teachers to complicated on on ideas ... follow of students who already organize entirely, indite and whereabouts another communication," she says.

Her rural is all up serving reprove districts change acceptable to decisions from colleges and organizations like the College Body, Cifuentes explains.

"Every determination they discussion — there's true repercussions. There's no redress or untrustworthy resolution, but with the intact furnishings they do, it should be students first."
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